Barbell Athletic Ranking System (B.A.R.S.®), LLC



Barbell Athletic Ranking System (B.A.R.S.®), LLC, is an injury prevention athlete development system that takes the emphasis off of the amount of weight lifted, and places emphasis on developing the athlete as a skilled weight lifter. Developing the athlete becomes the main goal, rather than producing strength or body composition results. Never before has there been a way to monitor a weight lifters competency and maturity, and provide motivation for athletes’ who may not be interested in competition, until now!

B.A.R.S®, LLC works much like the martial arts colored belt system. A grading, ranking and written testing system is in place in order for the lifter to advance. The degree of the lifters knowledge and practice will be tested at every level. A lifter will advance ranks, with specific coaching, practice and commitment. Beginners would start with the white belt and as they continue they practice, they would progress to yellow, orange, blue, purple, red, brown before receiving the highest rank, the black belt. Each lifter will showcase their ranking belt on their weigh belt.

“B.A.R.S®, LLC is an opportunity to promote an elite standardized testing system across weightlifting. Our goal is to promote injury free lifting, educate, showcase and reward an athlete’s skills, commitment and dedication, showcase our coaches and more importantly, offer this elite program to other fitness facilities” says Royce L. Claflin, Owner and CEO of Phoenix Fitness®, LLC.