Coach Royce

Royce L. Claflin is a successful and accomplished personal trainer and strength coach.  He has immersed himself in his education, concentrating on mobility and strength, and as a result has carried a large number of athletes to successful strength accomplishments, while designing programs that heal athletes when practitioners thought it was not possible.  There are athletes all over the world that use his programming, from California, Hawaii, Ohio, Texas, to Australia, England, and Germany. Claflin realized he had a gift when he earned his first client in 2003 from Wake Forest University, training them for the NFL combine, adding 50lbs to their bench press and peeling off 0.2 seconds on their 40 yard dash, amongst other feats.  He works with many types of athletes ranging from professional tennis players, to high level swimmers, College football athletes, professional bodybuilders, pitchers of all ages, cyclists, and world class powerlifters.  Claflin himself has accomplished seemingly impossible feats, including: becoming a national level bodybuilder, 3x bodyweight deadlift, over 2x bodyweight squat for 3 reps, and a 336lb paused competition bench press.  All of these feats were done under circumstance as well: the deadlift and squat were done with a 50% spinal dislocation, the bench press was done after a right shoulder labrum tear, and Claflin later returned to set state record in the bench press after having surgery on both shoulders.  His number one passion is helping athletes overcome odds, and making them stronger, and he also loves helping people fall in love with fitness.


Coach Royce, CEO and Owner Phoenix Fitness, LLC