ENROLL NOW! Group Class Schedule


5:30am-7am-W.I.L.K.S Strength and Conditioning

9am-10am -Transform and Thrive-Project Weight Loss

6pm-7pm-Transform and Thrive-Project Weight Loss

7pm- 8:30pm- BE- July 16

5:30pm-7pm- W.I.L.K.S, Strength & Conditioning

Tuesday –

5:30am-7am-W.I.L.K.S Strength and Conditioning

6:30am-7:30am- TRX®, Suspension Training® $15 drop in RSVP required 

5pm-6pm- TRX®, Suspension Training® $15 drop in RSVP required 

6pm-7pm, BFIT Bootcamp with Coach Sara


5:30am-7am-W.I.L.K.S Strength and Conditioning
9am-10am-Transform and Thrive-Project Weight Loss

6pm-7pm- Transform and Thrive-Project Weight Loss

5:30pm-7pm- W.I.L.K.S, Strength & Conditioning

7pm- 8:30pm- BE- July 16


5:30am-7am-W.I.L.K.S Strength and Conditioning

6:30am-7:30am- TRX®, Suspension Training® $15 drop in RSVP required 

5pm- 6pm- TRX®, Suspension Training® $15 drop in RSVP required 

6pm-7pm, TRX Fusion with Coach Sara


5:30am-7am- W.I.L.K.S Strength and Conditioning

9am-10am -Transform and Thrive-Project Weight Loss

6pm-7pm -Transform and Thrive-Project Weight Loss

5:30pm-7pm- W.I.L.K.S, Strength & Conditioning

7pm- 8:30pm- BE- July 16


7am-9am- W.I.L.K.S. Strength & Conditioning

 9am-10am- TRX class with Coach Sara RSVP required! $15 drop in


Class Descriptions: 

W.I.L.K.S, Strength and Conditioning; led by Coach Royce Claflin and Assistant Coach Kristin Bolton.

What is W.I.L.K.S. Strength and Conditioning? A comprehensive A to Z program designed for anyone in pursuit of becoming stronger, healthy, better able to handle life’s challenges, or to get you ready for the competition platform.  The program is simple and fun; anyone new to weightlifting can complete onboarding and join the program.

However, the program is so complete, a high level athlete can attend all 6 days per week and get a comprehensive strength and conditioning plan that will take them right to the platform.

The program will include everything an athlete needs, including proper programming and progressions, prehab and rehab, appropriate levels of conditioning and cardiovascular exercise, and mobility.  From A to Z, it will provide everything you need, nothing you don’t, and make you the best you that you can be, or build your WILKS score (strength coefficient).  The program will run Monday through Friday mornings, 5:30am to 7am, and Monday, Wednesday, Friday evenings, 5:30pm – 7pm. The evening clients will also have access to two conditioning classes Tuesday (B-FIT bootcamp) Thursday (TRX Fusion) held at 6pm.  Our Saturday morning 7am-9am class is also available in this program.  All important lifts will be tracked by coaches, and your progress will be celebrated throughout the year.

The entire program has been carefully calculated to ensure the client gets stronger, stays injury free, and optimizes the timing of every PR. Missing a PR on a big lift due to lack of recovery could cause a psychological barrier that could last for up to 6 months. Timing is everything.” -Coach Royce.  Read more about program here. This class requires a drop in fee of $12 or Monthly membership ($160 unlimited classes including W.I.L.K.S, Strength and Conditioning, TRX®, Suspension Training®, B-FIT bootcamp or TRX Fusion)

W.I.L.K.S- On Boarding Program- ****Requirement for New Clients interested in W.I.L.K.S Strength and Conditioning class. You are required to attend an “on boarding program” prior to your attendance. You will learn the ins and outs of strength training, technique and injury prevention.

This 90 minute session:] Please enroll today

B-FIT: Bootcamp– Tuesday, 6pm, This circuit-style class targets all muscle groups for a full body group training session. Improve your cardiovascular endurance, muscle strength while torching calories! And offers a mixture of intervals, strength exercises using tires, bands, and body weight, sprints and jump ropes to get your heart rate going. Options offered so you can participate regardless of your fitness experience. Join Coach Sara to burn calories, build muscle, and never get bored! All levels encourage to attend.

TRX®, Suspension Training®: with Coach Sara –Tuesday, Thursday, 7am and 5pm. Next six-weeks session begins May 30. Born in the U.S. Navy SEALs and developed by Fitness Anywhere®, TRX Suspension Training® is a revolutionary method of leveraged bodyweight exercise. Build power, strength, flexibility, balance, mobility, and prevent injuries, all at the intensity you choose. TRX training will change the way you view exercise and will take your workouts to a whole new level. No experience necessary. All levels welcome. –drop ins are WELCOME $15!  RSVP to Coach Sara

Newly added: Pop-up Saturdays – 9am-10am- TRX class with Coach Sara RSVP required! ($15 drop in)

Anyone is welcome to drop-in to any of the TRX classes, Please email Coach Sara and let her know your are attending due to limited space –Drop in Fee $15 (or membership ) -** Cancellations after RSVP must be made 24hrs -please refer to our cancellation policy.

BEMonday, Wednesday and Friday, 7pm – 8:30pm. BE is our NEW Youth strength and Conditioning class, A 6- week session offered to Youth Boys and Girls, ages 13-18.

Do you have an athlete or child who wants to learn about strength training, gain agility and conditioning, improve speed and enhance their overall health and Confidence about health and fitness? Join Phoenix for a safe and supportive POSITIVE environment – ALL levels welcome and encouraged. Strength training, practicing the primary barbell movements with an emphasis on conditioning movements. Coach Royce will guide and transform all athletes to reach their goals!

For youth under 18 years old: A completed parental/guardian waiver form and emergency contact form is required before anyone can participate in any class.  

Please download and complete consent form:
Member:Guardian Consent Form and Waiver Agreement
Emergency contact form and Health Form

Transform and Thrive-Project Weight Loss ( PWL) New time slots available! Mondays/Wednesday/Friday 9am OR 6pm, 6-weeks. This will revolutionize weight loss programs forever. The program is designed with motivation and results in mind, and approaches the weight loss process from all angles. Each day is an entirely new type of workout, and they are all geared toward maximizing the metabolic response. All levels welcome. 6-weeks, Cost $179

9am-10am- Coach Cindy

6pm-7pm- Coach Sara 

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