Transform and Thrive, Project Weight Loss-New sessions begins  Monday, Aug 6

Transform and Thrive- Project Weight Loss


9am-10am-  Coach Cindy

6pm-7pm- Coach Sara 

All 6-week sessions begin  Monday, August 6

Limited spots available.

6-weeks- $179 ( $199 after Aug 1)


Transform and Thrive: Project Weight Loss is a six-week program meeting three times a week (M/W/F) for one hour. This program is designed with motivation and results in mind, and approaches the weight loss process from all angles. The workout structure is progressive, meaning each participant will have an opportunity each and every workout to see how their strength, cardiovascular conditioning, coordination, core strength is progressing—measuring progress as you Transform and Thrive!

Phoenix coaches will highlight NON -Scale victories instead of focusing on the scale. The human body is made of approximately 70% water; and there are several uncountable amounts of variables can affect scale weight day to day.

Phoenix recommends tracking progress during body transformation efforts and will provide instructions on how to do this accurately.

Homework may be given to help team members with accountability and create team camaraderie and support. You will see your teammates transform before your eyes and become your biggest supporters, and motivators throughout this process.

Every team member will learn, grow and reach goals individually and as a team as Phoenix coaches guide them through the next six weeks!

Each participant will be provided a PWL starter packet which includes:

·        A food menu with suggestions on meal combinations, including each Coaches favorite meal.

·        Instructions on how to set up for counting calories for weight loss on MyFitnessPal App.

·        If participants miss a class, home workouts will be provided with packet and/or as an online video.

Improved Evaluation process:

Body fat will be check every Monday.

First class and last class:

  •  1/2 mile test instead of a mile- Folks who find running painful or uncomfortable, or just find running dis-pleasurable will not get an accurate reading of cardiovascular condition. Cardiovascular conditioning plays a very important roll in our health, from heart health to metabolism to our ability to not only exercise stronger but recover from that exercise better.
  • Number push-ups completed  in 1 minute.
  • Number of  sit-ups completed in 1 minute.

Join Coach Cindy at 9am or Coach Sara at 6pm for an hour full of exciting workouts and great energy!

In addition to 3 workouts per week, Check out our benefits and PRIZES offered to the Overall winner of 6-week program:

* Overall winner of Transform and Thrive, PWL wins the NEXT session FREE of charge. This can be used by the winner or pass along to a friend or family member.

Winner is based on greatest improvement across all evaluation categories. (overall weight BMI, # of sit-ups completed in 1 minute, # of push-ups completed in 1 minute, and 1/2-mile (timed).

Enroll  today!


 Coach Cindy, 9am-10am, M/W/F 

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Coach Sara, 6pm-7pm, M/W/F

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Transform and Thrive, Project Weight Loss

Client Testimonials:

Being a part of Transform and Thrive, Project Weight Loss has been a great experience. It has not always been easy, but it has always been fun. The coaches are very easy to work with. They are patient and make the class enjoyable.

I made new friends and we all have the same main focus, to loose weight and become healthier.

I would recommend this class to anyone, regardless of body type, fitness goals, level of fitness- this class id FUN! I always leave ENERGIZED!

– Valerie

I’ve attended Transform and Thrive, PWL for about a year and keep coming back because coach Royce always make the workouts fun and challenging. The people in the class are welcoming and encouraging and there’s no other place I’d rather work out than Phoenix Fitness.


I love the small group sessions at Phoenix Fitness. It’s like one on one sessions every class. When I made the change from my other gym routine I was in a “funk” I enjoyed going to workout again once I joined the Transform and Thrive, Project Weight Loss. I looked forward to class, I have also learned so much from Coach Royce. 

Recently I have been training more at Phoenix with weight lifting and have learned so many new techniques and skills. I look forward to my first powerlifting competition in a couple of weeks- Something I would have never had the confidence to do without all the help, knowledge and instruction from Coach Royce and the Phoenix Task Force Team.