B.A.R.S Strength and Conditioning

Barbell Athletic Ranking System (B.A.R.S.®), LLC, is an injury prevention athlete development system that takes the emphasis off of the amount of weight lifted, and places emphasis on developing the athlete as a skilled weight lifter. Developing the athlete becomes the main goal, rather than producing strength or body composition results. Never before has there been a way to monitor a weight lifters competency and maturity, and provide motivation for athletes’ who may not be interested in competition, until now!

B.A.R.S®, LLC works much like the martial arts colored belt system. A grading, ranking and written testing system is in place in order for the lifter to advance. The degree of the lifters knowledge and practice will be tested at every level. A lifter will advance ranks, with specific coaching, practice and commitment. Beginners would start with the white belt and as they continue they practice, they would progress to yellow, orange, blue, purple, red, brown before receiving the highest rank, the black belt. Each lifter will showcase their ranking belt on their weigh belt.

“B.A.R.S®, LLC is an opportunity to promote an elite standardized testing system across weightlifting. Our goal is to promote injury free lifting, educate, showcase and reward an athlete’s skills, commitment and dedication, showcase our coaches and more importantly, offer this elite program to other fitness facilities” says Royce L. Claflin, Owner and CEO of Phoenix Fitness®, LLC.


What is W.I.L.K.S. Strength and Conditioning? NOW B.A.R.S Strength and Conditioning class

A comprehensive A to Z program designed for anyone in pursuit of becoming stronger, healthy, better able to handle life’s challenges, or to get you ready for the competition platform.  The program is simple and fun; anyone new to weightlifting can complete on-boarding and join the program.

However, the program is so complete, a high level athlete can attend all 6 days per week and get a comprehensive strength and conditioning plan that will take them right to the platform.

The program will include everything an athlete needs, including proper programming and progressions, prehab and rehab, appropriate levels of conditioning and cardiovascular exercise, and mobility.  From A to Z, it will provide everything you need, nothing you don’t, and make you the best you that you can be, or build your Wilks score (strength coefficient).  The program will run Monday through Friday mornings, 5:30am to 7am, and Monday, Wednesday, Friday evenings, 5:30pm – 7pm. The evening clients will also have access to two conditioning classes Tuesday (Power Drills) Thursday (TEAM 6) held at 6pm.  Our Saturday morning 7am-9am class is also available in this program.  All important lifts will be tracked by coaches, and your progress will be celebrated throughout the year.

“The entire program has been carefully calculated to ensure the client gets stronger, stays injury free, and optimizes the timing of every PR. Missing a PR on a big lift due to lack of recovery could cause a psychological barrier that could last for up to 6 months. Timing is everything.” -Coach Royce

Coach Royce is a leader in his field and is known for successfully programming strength athletes.  He has led women across all weight classes to world record squats, bench presses, and deadlifts.  He has also trained teenage youngsters in the 400 and 500lb deadlifts and squats. Coach Royce also well-known for developing bootcamps and athletic classes designed for all levels of athletic ability encompassing OPTIMAL performance and SAFETY. To date, not so much as a sprained ankle in his conditioning classes, is an important factor he takes pride in.

Coach Royce is recognized for intelligent strength programming and instilling proper technique in his athletes. After pioneering the very first powerlifting competition centered on technique, his athletes all had near perfect technique scores. Known mostly for coaching, he is rarely acknowledged for his own strength accomplishments, including a triple bodyweight deadlift, 56” box jump, 336lb competition bench press, and currently nearing double bodyweight bench press post-op, just to name a few.

Coach Royce has also earned a reputation among the physical therapy community. His extensive experience in rehab is absolutely unparalleled in the area.  Coach has had two shoulder repairs, a spinal fusion, and a hip repair.  Surgeons recognize his experience and trust him, and he has worked with clients post spine operation, post knee replacement, shoulder repair, etc. He not only returns rehab clients to full strength, he makes them stronger and more mobile than ever!  “I can make you stronger and more capable than you ever thought possible.”

Assistant Coach Kristin Bolton, a USA Powerlifting State Referee, Certified USA Powerlifting Club Coach and is a Professional Member of the National Strength & Conditioning Association. She has successfully competed at the regional and national levels of powerlifting.

Coach Kristin is an asset to the studio and each and every client. Her experience and knowledge can further your strength training no matter what level of experience.

“I’m passionate about strength training (because it works!), coaching great form/technique (injury prevention/bigger lifts) and helping anyone find their own groove in the gym. I’ve had my share of setbacks and continue to work through them. It’s about progress, not perfection and knowing your fight.”

Not familiar with Strength and Conditioning?

Developing Physical Strength, Agility, Balance and Coordination, Flexibility, cardiovascular Conditioning and muscular endurance. The program will include barbell movements, kettlebells, dumbbells, TRX suspension trainers, Tractor Tires, and just about every available tool to workout your entire body and make you an athlete.

This class requires a $15 drop in fee or a Monthly Phoenix Membership or punch pass.

****Requirement for New Clients interested in B.A.R.S Strength and Conditioning class. You are required to attend an “on boarding program” prior to your attendance. You will learn the ins and outs of strength training, technique and injury prevention.

90 minute session: $85, Enroll here and email Coach Royce to schedule your session prior to attending your first B.A.R.S Strength and Conditioning class class!