Education Series: Seminars

Eat to Thrive! 
A Nutritional Workshop

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Wednesday, October 19th 6pm – 8pm

Do you struggle with losing weight? Do you feel tired and run down, and are looking to boost your energy and live with vitality? Are you looking to improve your diet, but are not sure where to begin?

Join our Nutritional Powerhouse Team, Royce Claflin, certified trainer, owner of Phoenix Fitness, LLC & Beth Fuller, certified nutritional therapist, owner of Equilibria Wellness, LLC for this FREE interactive and dynamic session which will arm you with the knowledge you need for success, including:

  • Understanding of healthy food options vs. unhealthy.
  • Understanding of how to shop effectively and what a healthy food plan looks like.
  • Basic understanding of the Nutritional Therapy Core Foundations (diet, digestion, blood sugar, mineral balance, essential fatty acids, hydration).
  • Knowledge of how to succeed with weight loss – in the long term.
  • How to thrive with health and vitality.
Beth Fuller & Coach Royce Claflin

              Beth Fuller & Coach Royce Claflin

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Eat well, Sleep well, Live well

Join us for a FREE Nutrition Seminar!
Learn more about macronutrients, balancing energy,
food selection and much more.

Wednesday, March 2nd
7:00pm – 8:30pm

This seminar will be co-taught by Coach Royce
and trainer Courtney Marshall.

Topic to be covered:

Understanding Calories: BMR and RMR


Balancing Energy (exercise selection and other stressors)


Food Selections