Athlete of the Month

July 2017

Silvio Pupino

Each month Phoenix Fitness, LLC highlights an athlete we would like to recognize and let our FITcommunity learn more about.

We would like to recognize Silvio Pupino as our July Athlete of the month.

“Silvio, a former professional athlete, understands the value of quality coaching, and he is very receptive and open to critique and change. No matter how he feels, he always shows up, and that’s the most important thing—Always showing up. Silvio gained over 10% in the last year and all three lifts; squat, bench press, and deadlift. This is all due to his dedication and desire to always be better. As coaches we recognize this desire to want to be better. Silvio is also an amazing team player, always providing unrelenting support to partners and teammates. If Silvio is your partner, I promise you will have a good workout.” -Coach Royce 

Silvio Pupino and Coach Royce


Age: Age is a state of mind. My state of mind is 32 but the calendar says I’m a rocking 42!


Hometown: Naples, The one in Italy not Florida.


What is your favorite food? Now that that my wife made me build a chicken coop I love the carbonara she makes with our fresh eggs.


What is your favorite exercise movement or Workout of the day (WOD)? I look forward to the energy and camaraderie of Saturday’s leg day and seeing everyone’s smiling faces at 7 AM on a Saturday however my favorite actual work out is bench pressing.


What are your short- term fitness goals? Lean out and drop the 10lbs I gained in Italy as well as hit my goal of a 300lb bench.


What are your long ‐term fitness goals? Continue to stay fit and strong so I can complete my wife’s interminable ‘honey-do’ list and also gain enough stamina and strength to participate in an amateur boxing match.


What do you like most about Phoenix Fitness? I like that we have become a small family and help each other out in and out of the gym. I very much enjoy the healthy competition and the fact that all the members are always ready to help each other out and support one another through a heavy lift with cheer. The support at Phoenix is what gives you the strength to go the extra mile. I also would like to add a plug for Royce. I’ve been a professional athlete in my youth and I can say that I have never had a coach as prepared and attentive to it is athletes’ as coach Royce is while giving special attention to form in every minute detail.

What is an interesting fact not many people know about yourself? Most people don’t know that I played professional basketball in my youth and dunking was my specialty. And…my accent is from Rosetta Stone. 


Tell us what you do for fun besides working out at Phoenix Fitness: For fun I like to ride my BMW Megamoto, tinker around in the garage working on the never ending projects brought on by our very old house as well as spend time with my wife and our puppies.