Phoenix Fitness Combine- May 14, 2016

Phoenix Fitness Combine held on May 14 , successful fitness event

raised funds for Veterans Count. 

Phoenix-Fitness-Combine-1830 wmk (2)DOVER,NH
– Phoenix Fitness, LLC held their first annual Phoenix Fitness Combine on Saturday, May 14. A community event that highlighted the fitness community and held friendly competitions such as rowing for time, tire flips, farmer’s carries, bench press for reps, three- minute fitness test and much more. Overall trophies were awarded for men’s and women’s divisions and individual metals were awarded for each event. Athletes from 15 to 65 competed in the events.

Phoenix Fitness, LLC also teamed up with Easter Seals -Veteran Count and raised donations from registrations and individual donations.“Our goal was to bring together the community, promote living a healthy lifestyle, showcase strength,endurance with an afternoon of short competitive events and fitness fun.” says Royce L. Claflin,Owner and CEO of Phoenix Fitness, LLC. “It also gave us an opportunity to give back to our community. Veterans Count of Easter Seals, provides resources directly in New Hampshire veterans, service members and their families. We are grateful to all the competitors, our officials and the spectators who attended. We are looking forward to holding this event annually.”

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The Phoenix Fitness Combine is a community event that highlights the fitness community and industry. The Combine events will include: three- minute fitness test, bench press for reps (body weight men’s division, ½ body weight for women division), farmers carries, 120 meters for time (100lbs each hand- men’s division, 45lbs each hand-women’s division), jump ropes (intervals of 30-60-90-120 seconds- competitors must jump for the entire round of time), rower timed (750 meters men’s division, 500 meters women’s division), 10 tire flips for time ( 300lbs men’s division /260lbs women’s division / 220lbs individual). Overall trophies will be awarded for men’s and women’s divisions and individual metals will be awarded for each event. All skill levels welcome!

Overall Trophies will be awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place for the Men’s and Women’s divisions & Individual event metals will be awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place for each event. 

In conjunction with Phoenix Fitness Combine, Phoenix Fitness, LLC is proud to make a difference in our community by teaming up with Easter Seals -Veteran Count. 50% of your registration fee will be donated to Veterans Count.

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Veterans Count provides critical and timely financial assistance and services when no other resource is available to veterans, service members and their families, to ensure their dignity, health and overall well-being.

$25 Phoenix Fitness Combine registration fee

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Phoenix Fitness Combine® is a registered trade name of Phoenix Fitness, LLC